From the Director Desk


Calvary Chapel Trust (CCT) believes in loving the unloved. Inconsequence to this belief we have brought out a publication highlighting the lives of 100 children who have benefited through Calvary Chapel Trust from 1989 to 2017.

Some children joined the Home as full orphan. When they are at the age of 15 and above, they find their own relatives in their community. I encourage them to be the salt of the earth. Once the relatives of the children recognize their educational skills and their transformed pleasing personality, they love to be their support. But, none desires to provide support to children who are infected with HIV. Hence, the Trust has been given the priceless opportunity to Love the Unloved.

Areas of focus:-

  • To help weaker sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, for their socio-economic upliftment by all legitimate and constitutional means
  • To carry out programmes for outreach, education and extension programmes, in order to strengthen spiritual, ethical and moral values and promote fellowship
  • To provide Home for babies who are infected with HIV and referred by Child Welfare Committee constituted by the Government
  • To provide food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for orphans, semi-orphans and destitute children.
  • To provide infrastructure and conducive environment to rural children to cope up with education.

Highlights of the achievements since inception:-

  • Calvary Chapel Trust has its presence through its ministries in 11 states out of the total of 29 states in India.
  • At any given time, there are almost 5000 HIV infected persons being served by CCT; out of which 3000 are children. Out of these 3000 children, 2000 are from the community and the remaining 1000 are under direct or in-direct support of the Trust
  • About 1200 children have completed residential child care programme. Out of this some are either independently settled in the community or serving in our ministry. Some others have passed away due to HIV/AIDS infection.
  • Currently, we have 800 children in 21 Homes (Residential Child Care programme) located in 11 states of India. Out of 800 children, 55% are HIV infected, 40% are orphans and 60% are destitutes.

Programmes of the Trust:-

  • Residential Child Care – Children’s Home
  • Convalescence Centre
  • Tuition Centre, Child Development Centre, Door Step Schools
  • Technical Training
  • Family Assistance Programme
  • Discipleship Training
  • HIV Care and Support programme
  • Leprosy Support programme
  • Retreat Centre
  • Centre for Physically Handicapped
  • Rural family assistance – Goat / sheep / cow / sewing machine / petty shop / etc

Future Plans :-

  1. Establishing counselling centres in all the states with the help of children who have grown up with the Calvary Chapel Trust
  2. Providing nutritional support to the needy HIV infected families
  3. Providing rehabilitation facilities (employment facilities) for those who are sick and infirm in the community and those with us; including HIV/AIDS infected
  4. Establish vocational guidance centres in our campuses
  5. Settling HIV infected children in marriage
  6. Serving as a pivotal centre for research and training in HIV/AIDS. Trust has already documented vast literature on HIV/AIDS.


Mr. L.Gunasekaran & Mrs. G.Victoria